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Teeth Bleaching Is Great Extra Revenue for Weight Loss Clinics

We here at SmileLABS™ think that any beauty-industry business can benefit by adding cosmetic teeth whitening procedures to their business. If you are an owner of a weight loss clinic, you are running a business that already helps make people healthier and more beautiful. You should consider adding SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening to your repertoire of offered services for your clientele. Cosmetic Teeth Whitening will bring in new customers to your clinic and will help your income considerably.

We at SmileLABS™ think that Cosmetic Teeth Whitening goes hand in hand with your weight loss programs. When people are successful at losing weight, they definitely have something to smile about. Why not make those smiles more dazzling and beautiful by offering the SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening procedure to your customers.

An example of how much extra income you can earn from adding a SmileLAB™ to your weight loss clinic is this: if you only do four 15-minute whitenings per day, and you’re only doing that for five days per week and only 50 weeks per year, you can earn an extra $80,000 profit per year to your business. By advertising that you have teeth whitening available, you will add income to your weight loss clinic income because many who want teeth whitening might want to lose weight as well. In other words, adding this business to your clinic is a win-win situation for both aspects of your profession.

In addition, don’t need much extra room in your clinic to add a SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening business. A two-chair, two-light Silver Lab Package will easily fit into less than 100 square feet. If you don’t have that much extra space, consider the one chair, one light Bronze Lab Package, which will easily occupy less than 50 square feet. That’s only a space of about 7 feet by 7 feet, and that’s not much space! That $80,000 profit per year example in the paragraph above was based on only having a Bronze Lab Package. All of our packages are complete turnkey businesses; we call them a Business-in-a-Box. Our packages start at only $4950, and they include much more than just chairs and lights, so a little investment can yield huge returns.

So, if you are interested in adding a SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening business to your weight loss clinic, the next step is to call 866-361-6237 and schedule a Discovery Meeting webinar with one of our professional sales staff. All of your questions will be answered in this Discovery Meeting, and then you can be adding you own SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening business within 10 days. We make it that easy for you!

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