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Fitness Centers and Gyms Are Perfect For Teeth Whitening

A large gym or fitness center, such as Gold’s Gym™, Pure Fitness™, or LA Fitness™, is an excellent place to put in a SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening business, either as a gym owner wanting to add this procedure to their list of available services, or as an independent SmileLABS™ Authorized Dealer to partner with a gym and rent space from them to operate their business under the same roof. Either way, the center’s clientele will greatly benefit from having SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening treatments made available to them, and will respond by rapidly booking teeth whitening appointments.

The reason for this is simple. People who belong to a gym are going in to get healthier or to maintain their health. Being healthy equates to looking and feeling good about themselves. In a way, it is a type of beauty treatment. SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening is all about people becoming more beautiful and about people feeling better about themselves. This is manifested in a healthy, bright white smile. A bright smile instills confidence like no other, so why not be able to make the body look healthier and more beautiful and be able to make the smile healthier and more beautiful in the same place!

A SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Lab package comes in three different sizes, and either a BronzeLAB™ package for a small gym or a SilverLAB™ or GoldLAB™ package for a larger, busier fitness center will fit the needs of the clientele nicely. A SilverLAB™, consisting of two teeth whitening chairs and two teeth whitening accelerator lights, plus more, will easily fit in a hundred square foot area, and can accommodate up to 48 or more whitening customers per day. What’s even better is that only doing 4 whitenings per day, 5 days per week, and only 50 weeks per year will yield a net profit of $80,000 to $180,000 gross profit per year. That’s not bad!

Learning to operate the business is very simple and straightforward, and requires no special licenses or insurance to add to a gym or fitness center. Any employee of the center can do this business, and SmileLABS™ will provide the training and certification for any and all employees at no additional charge.

So if you own a gym or fitness center, or want to partner with one, your next step to opening your SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening business is to call and speak with one of our trained sales associates. They will set you up with a Discovery Meeting webinar where you will learn all there is to know about this fantastic business opportunity. After that, you can be open in 10 days or less. So, call us today at 866-361-6237 to get the ball rolling!

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