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Dental Hygienists and Assistants Are Ideal Candidates

We like to say that anyone, from any walk of life, can do the SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening business. You don’t have to have any kind of dental or healthcare related experience whatsoever to do cosmetic teeth whitening. In fact, it doesn’t even matter that you have any experience other than “life” experience to do cosmetic teeth whitening; you could be just out of school and this could be your very first “job”. Or, you could be a mother that stayed at home to raise the children, but now that they have moved out, you are looking for a business opportunity to give you something to do or to bring in some income to the household. But, if you do have a dental background, such as a dental hygienist or dental assistant, you are in a perfect position for doing this business for many reasons.

It may be that you already are doing cosmetic teeth whitening in the dental practice where you work as a hygienist or assistant. If so, then you are way ahead when it comes to knowing how to do different teeth whitening procedures. When you learn how to do SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening, you will be very pleasantly surprised to learn how much simpler our procedure is compared to what you’ve already been doing. You won’t be placing your fingers or instruments in your customers’ mouths. In fact, you won’t touch your SmileLABS™’ customers at all! You, yourself, won’t be making any impressions of teeth, nor will you have a lot of lab work to do to fabricate any appliances for your customers, unlike what you might have done at your dental office. Your duties in a SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening business are to simply guide your customers through a self-administered procedure.

What will make your choice of owning a SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening business a perfect match for you is that you already have the poise, confidence, gentle people skills, and self- assurance to be able to meet, greet, and assist your customers in a cosmetic teeth whitening procedure. Compared to what you’ve been doing at your dental office, this procedure will be a breeze to learn and do, so you can use the inter-personal people skills that you already have to the most benefit for you and your SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening business. In fact, one of the hardest things you’ll have to do in this business is to not do anything invasive with your customers or give them any dental advice regarding the condition of their mouths, etc. You will have to curtail those activities completely, and that may take a little restraint on your part at first. But, you’ll soon become accustomed to the SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening procedures, and you’ll be a natural at this opportunity in no time!

Your next step is to schedule an online SmileLABS™ Discovery Meeting to learn everything about the SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening business opportunity and to have all your questions answered. You may even schedule your SmileLABS™ Discovery Meeting. We would be happy to answer all your questions and help you open your SmileLABS™ business within 10 days. Call today!

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