Smile Studio DFW, Teeth Whitening Process

Our Teeth Whitening Process

There is an Authorized Dealer conveniently located near your home or business. We provide the best in-office teeth whitening treatments available. Our Promise is that each location is spotlessly clean, staffed by pleasant, knowledgeable Team Members who use only the most cutting-edge Teeth Whitening Products

Smile Studio DFW, Infinity Pro SL Light

The Infinity™ Pro SL Whitening Accelerator Light
Professional whitening is best performed with light technology. Light technology is referred to as photo-polymerization and was first approved by the FDA for teeth whitening in 1996. The Infinity™ Pro SL is a LED lamp that uses a cold blue light tuned to a wavelength of 480-500 nanometers. The light technology system works by accelerating the chemical reaction, rapidly speeding up the treatment time. During a treatment the accelerator light is placed directly in front of the customer's open mouth for 15 minutes. The Infinity™ Pro SL uses the perfect wavelength of light and is designed to accelerate the whitening process of our teeth whitening gel.

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Applia-Brush™ and Teeth Whitening Gel
The procedure is very simple. First, the customer places a mouth prop and cheek retractors in his mouth while observing themselves in a mirror. Second, using our new, patented Applia-Brush™ gel applicator, the customer easily brushes the photosensitive whitening gel onto the outer surfaces of the teeth. This means the gel is only applied to the teeth and not to the gums, which avoids teeth sensitivity and gum irritation. Our teeth whitening gel utilizes peroxide-based chemistry, specifically called Hydrogen Peroxide. The teeth whitening gel is 16% Hydrogen Peroxide in a viscous water-based food-grade gel. This means that the whitening gel hydrates the teeth throughout the whitening procedure. Hydration of the teeth is important because that is what prevents sensitivity.

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